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Modern collaborative therapy to help you navigate your life’s journey 

Your journey

Waymark Psychology is a psychology practice located in Greenwood Village, Colorado.

We offer collaborative, supportive, evidence-based therapy for individuals, couples, and families from all walks of life. If you or a loved one feel lost, Waymark is here to help. 


Individual Therapy

Meet with a therapist one-on-one.


Couples Counseling

Explore your relationship with your partner in a safe space.



Meet with a therapist through secure video conferencing technology. 

Approaches to therapy

There are many different approaches to therapy, often referred to as therapeutic modalities. Therapeutic approaches dictate the structure of therapeutic sessions, which aspects of life are focused on, how aspects of your thinking and behavior are organized, which techniques and skills are practiced in session, and more. Regardless of the approach used, therapy at Waymark Psychology will always be collaborative, relationship-driven, judgment free, empathetic, and informed by science. Please feel free to explore the therapeutic approaches listed on this website. The list is not exhaustive, but can be a good place to begin your understanding of how therapy can be conceptualized. Keep in mind that many people seeking therapy do not have a solid understanding of which approach they want to use, which is perfectly fine. Think of these as approaches as a guide and please contact Waymark Psychology with any questions about beginning therapy.

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