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About Waymark

 Waymark Psychology provides individual therapy and couples counseling to teenagers and adults looking for help, healing, solutions, and guidance. Therapy with Waymark Psychology is safe, collaborative, and evidence-based. The first step is reaching out. Call (720) 695-3369 or email to schedule a free consultation call today.

Our Space

Christopher Kelley, PsyD


I am lucky enough to have spent my formative years near the beach in South Florida. Most of my schooling moved me further south until I earned my Psy.D. through Nova Southeastern University’s clinical psychology program in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. Now, I am proud to call myself a resident of Denver, Colorado. Most of my free time is spent discovering new music and movies, seeking another cup of coffee, and camping beneath the Colorado sky. I have an affinity for both technology and percussion, but have yet to purchase an electronic drum kit. 

I have experience working in hospitals, community health centers, private practice and other treatment facilities. I would describe my approach to psychotherapy as primarily cognitive behavioral with humanistic influences. As  a practitioner informed by science, I value evidence-based techniques highly. Although I do possess a cognitive behavioral mindset, I also value cognitive flexibility; not everyone thinks or works the same way.

 Some people are goal-oriented, while others may not have a solid understanding of what they are looking for. By integrating my own theoretical orientation with other modalities and methods of therapy, along with valuable input from each person that I work with, we can facilitate the healing process together. Regardless of the approach used, I believe that the best work is done when there is a strong and honest therapeutic relationship.

I have had the privilege of working with individuals who experience anxiety, depression, adjustment issues, personality disorders, traumatic disorders, bipolar disorder, substance abuse, behavioral disorders, and more. An area of focus in my previous work has been with those who experience anxiety and their related disorders, such as panic disorder, phobias, social anxiety, and more. Finding peace, comfort, or change in life can often feel like a tedious process. I believe that I can help.

I am currently accepting new patients at Waymark Psychology, located in Greenwood Village, Colorado. The office has multiple accessibility options and offers a discreet way for individuals, couples, and families to access collaborative, evidence-based therapy close to home or work.

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