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Types of therapy

Here, you will find a list of various therapeutic approaches available at Waymark Psychology. This list is certainly not exhaustive, but does describe some of the more popular treatments. No one needs to know which approach will work best for them before they see a therapist. You may even find yourself interested in various aspects of more than one of the below techniques. Many effective approaches to psychotherapy involve beginning from a place of understanding, not technique.

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Cognitive Behavior Therapy

Prioritize problem solving with time-limited and present-focused psychotherapy.


Cognitive Processing Therapy

Psychotherapy with structure designed to reduce symptoms of PTSD.


Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

Practice acceptance of the uncontrollable while cultivating a meaningful life.


Exposure and Response Prevention

Utilize behavioral science to overcome fears, phobias, and unhelpful behaviors.


Mindfulness Therapy

Foster awareness of the present and other helpful techniques to reduce uncomfortable feelings.


Not Sure?

Not knowing how to start is OK. Speak with a therapist and formulate a plan together.

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