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Telehealth is a term used in the healthcare industry for providing or receiving healthcare services using telecommunication technology. Simply put, telehealth with Waymark Psychology is the option to receive therapeutic services through digital video or audio communication applications and technology. Think of it like therapy through secure video chat.

  • It is important to first understand that telehealth is not the best approach for everyone. In fact, no single approach to therapy is the best for everyone! If you are interested in receiving telehealth services, the first step is always consultation with a professional.

  • If telehealth is the right approach to therapy for you, there are several advantages that make it quite useful. Telehealth is convenient, allowing for meetings with your therapist to happen quickly from locations outside of the therapy office. It can also be easier to fit into your schedule; when there is less time spent traveling to and from therapy, there is more time available to you. Telehealth therapy can also be easier to access. When getting to the therapy office becomes difficult, therapy from a distance provides consistency in your care routine.

  • Other than the way you access treatment, therapy through electronic communication technologies is much like therapy in person. You will still be able to work within a judgement free, empathetic space and explore collaborative, evidence-based treatment options. While not ideal for everyone, remote therapy through telehealth services can be a valuable tool. Call for a consultation today and explore which options might be best for you.

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